Monday, May 28, 2007

Sustainability Coordinator Wanted/ Takeover Needed

Our local grocery store in Hanover is the Hanover Consumer Cooperative. It is a great store, with good selection of fresh fish, an in-store butchery department, and nice organic produce. They even had Copper River sockeye salmon this week, at $15 per pound. The only problem is that they sometimes venture a little too far into the liberal realm, like now.

The Coop is now advertising for a person to serve as Sustainability Coordinator. You have to be kidding. A GROCERY STORE, which should be operating on the thinnest of margins, wants someone to work on, among other things, "coordination with other organizations on collaborative sustainability programs."

This will probably cost the organization something like $60,000 per year, inclusive of benefits.

It is fun to dream about taking over the Coop and putting a for-profit enterprise in its place. The local market would still demand great food, and I bet we could get it at lower prices than the Çoop provides. Now there is an idea most people would not think possible: That a for-profit enterprise, with its "need" for "unnecessary" profit, could actually provide a service at lower cost than a not-for-profit.

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