Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pessimism Runs Rampant

Who can't help but marvel at the obvious attempts by the liberal MSM to cast a negative pall on anything that could be even remotely linked to the Bush administration.

Yesterday in the Valley News there was a lead above-the-fold article with a Washington Post by-line (authors Christopher Lee and N.C. Aizenman). Headline: US Poverty Rate Down .3% in 2006. The second headline: But More Americans Lacked Health Insurance.

The article goes on to offset any positive aspect with a negative counter. For instance: "While median household income rose for the second consecutive year in 2006, the increase appeared to be driven by a jump in the number of people in each household taking on full-time jobs, rather than a rise in wages."

In fact this is the first time this decade the poverty rate has declined, and it was accompanied with an increase in median household income of .7%.

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