Saturday, February 14, 2009

The End of Responsibility

All signs point to the end of individual responsibility. I just read an article by Rebecca Solnit for the Los Angeles Times on the Icelandic financial crisis.

Here is perhaps the most worrisome quote: "It's official. Capitalism is monstrous. Try talking about the benefits of free markets and you will be treated like someone promoting the benefits of rape."

Capitalism is monstrous? Just because the citizens of Iceland were given some very attractive prices at which to borrow, and they blindly took a bit too much advantage of those prices?

So much of the Western world is now looking for government actions to not only save us from this recession (has nobody lived through a recession before, by the way?) but to prevent us from ever making such mistakes again.

I will give the "monstrous" label to something, but it is not to capitalism, which is nothing but the flourishing of individual liberty. Monstrous is this $787 billion "stimulus" plan and the whole process by which the new politics of fear got it passed. If that process and the result is indicative of how government is going to save us from ourselves, I am afraid we have taken a turn onto the road to serfdom.

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