Saturday, January 16, 2010

Betting Markets Predict a Scott Brown Victory!

One of my colleagues alerted me to the recent trading activity on InTrade. The runup in price for the Scott Brown contract, and the corresponding decline in the M. Coakley contract, is just amazing. Not a lot of volume in the market, and I still think it is too good to be true.

The AM radio station 1030 WBZ must be enjoying a tremendous revenue windfall, as is the NECN news channel. Ads for Brown and Coakley are running almost continuously. I do think that the Coakley ads, at least some of them that I have seen, are markedly negative -- dark, nasty images and pictures of (horrors!) George W. and Dick Cheney.

On NECN right now, a Coakley ad is running. It claims that Brown would deny rape victims immediate contraception. I heard Brown on the radio earlier denying that explicitly. In fact, here is news that Brown is claiming defamation against the Massachusetts Democratic Party for such a claim in a mailing it sent out.

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Geoff B. said...

Well, you have to admit that Bush and Cheney are not likely to be poplar in the Commonwealth.