Thursday, February 25, 2010

Other Economists Supporting Reasonable Health Care Proposals

Two editorials by some very smart people that are very similar to my proposals for health care changes -- a focus on incentives for individuals, and changes in the tax treatment of health care.

First, one by Cliff Asness: "Don't Ask" is No Way to Run Health Care" The basic message here is that we are "insuring" way too much -- small health care expenses instead of focusing on catastrophic expenses. Large events are what insurance was created for. I like to ask people if they have insurance for new tires on their car every couple years?

Second good editorial is by three economists, John Cogan, Glenn Hubbard and Daniel Kessler, "A Better Way to Reform Health Care." These guys also stress the need to make individuals bear the true cost of their health care. High deductible policies and elimination of tax deductions for health spending would effect that.

Nice to see a little press on these very common sense changes to our messed up system.

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