Monday, September 16, 2013

Understanding of Affordable Care Act is Overstated

According to a new WSJ/NBC poll,
Overall, nearly 70% of poll respondents said they didn't understand the health-care overhaul passed by Democrats in March 2010 or only understood a part of it.
That is incredible.  Over 30% understand most or all of ACA?!  I have studied the ACA quite thoroughly and am not sure I would say that I understand all or even most of it.  How about the taxes on employer based insurance?  Where exactly do the hundreds of billions of savings from Medicare come from?  How will Medicare Advantage plans be affected?  What are the SHOP exchanges?  Can I buy insurance anytime during the year or only during enrollment periods?  What kind of high deductible plans will be allowed? How will premia be affected for the young and healthy vs. the older?

When will the Independent Payment Advisory Board be appointed and what will it do?

And that leaves out all the quality improvement and reimbursement experiments.

The survey also had findings relating to the likelihood of people signing up for new subsidized insurance:
Only 32% of the uninsured thought they were "fairly" or "very" likely to use the exchanges. 
If I were a hospital with any reasonable population of uninsured patients, I would set up a desk to help patients sign up for insurance when they show up in a hospital.  Think of the return on investment to that.

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