Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Look Ma, No Links!

OK, I have had several comments about the lack of links in my postings. I have two reactions. First, yes, I should give some references so that readers can check my facts and perhaps dig deeper in someone else's writings. So as soon as my tech consultant shows me the easy way to do links, I will begin.

But second, I must say that I occasionally feel that the blogosphere looks a bit like a big Ponzi scheme...with everyone just linking to one another, and not adding much to the conversation. Not to say that pure linking is not valuable. It is, and I like some sites that just give me access to my usual suspects for news. But at some point, someone has to do some real analysis.

I will have more to say about the lack of real investigative reporting by the classic media soon.


Anonymous said...

Some sites are essentially launching points of links, such as Instapundit. Others do probably link-whore.

I don't see that his relieves you of the responsibility to link to facts that back up your assertions. Well, of course, you can leave it to your readers to google for it, but that's not going to do much to convince us, and why should we bother?

Anonymous said...

Why bother? If you want to hold an educated opinion on something you should bother to do the research. Sure, providing links to his assertions would help (although much of the content is original), but doing your own research insures that you know the arguments of both sides.