Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Record Low Temps in NH again

The forecast low temperature in Berlin, NH for tonight is 37 degrees...and the record low for that date is 39, set in 2003.

Even colder, the forecast for Friday night is 35 degrees!!

I don't expect any mention of this in the local or national press (nor should there be; it is just ironic with all the press that the non-record heat wave a few weeks ago received). And meanwhile, the Al Gore movie is BACK at the Nugget Theatre in Hanover...supposedly on the basis of popular demand (which I do not doubt given the populace around here).

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Anonymous said...

Hooray, finally someone in Hanover that speaks the truth. When I mentioned how cold it was, I was told that it was due to "global warming". Go figure; they will probably say that GW left the freezer door open and it was all his fault!!