Monday, November 06, 2006

Bass vs. Hodes, US Representative for NH

So I have observed many electoral campaigns in the Upper Valley of NH, having lived here now for 23 years. Republicans have been an endangered species for a long time around here, and it is getting even more lonely of late. That said, I have never seen such a dearth of Republican campaign materials. No signs, no posters, no ads in the papers...Well, one sad little ad in the Valley News half-heartedly telling Republicans that their vote matters. Meanwhile, the Democrat Hodes has simply blanketed the landscape with campaign stuff. I can't drive anywhere without Hodes intruding on my thoughts.

If Charlie Bass loses his House seat, I will not be surprised. I understand better than anyone the idea of optimizing use of resources, but the incremental cost of doing a LITTLE SOMETHING even in a Democrat stronghold is so low that it has to be worthwhile. The complete lack of any effort around here makes me suspect that the Bass campaign is asleep at the wheel. Not a good indicator.

Well, I would be perfectly happy if the result tomorrow is Democratic control of the House and Republican control of the Senate. For a Libertarian, gridlock reads: Less new legislation.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Of course, given the last couple elections, we might not get final results for some time.

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