Thursday, November 09, 2006

Those Missing Bass Signs...

See my post immediately below on the lack of Bass signs around Hanover during the recent campaign. Now it seems that some of the Bass signs may have been stolen.

I was reading a story in the Valley News last night about someone in Enfield who had been arrested for taking Bass signs from alongside the road. The police followed the individual home and, when the perp failed to respond to their requests to appear at the front door, they knocked the door down! The poor fellow was arrested on two counts of possession of stolen property.

As I have had my own campaign signs stolen from my front yard, and my Bush sticker ripped off my truck's bumper, I was feeling pretty good about this story. But then I realized I knew the culprit! He is the son of a friend, and he used to babysit for my kids all the time! Ah, the follies of the youth. I hope they go a little easy on him. I don't think Bass lost because of a few signs being stolen.

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