Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Irrational Allure of Liberal Songwriter/Singers

So Pete Seeger has written a new song, "Big Joe Blues" that recognizes Seeger's earlier errors in overlooking the evil of the Stalin/Soviet empire:

He ruled with an iron hand
He put an end to the dreams
Of so many in every land
He had a chance to make
A brand new start for the human race
Instead he set it back
Right in the same nasty place

I admit to a certain attraction to songwriter/singers like Seeger, Lennon and Dylan. I think it is the pureness of their idealism, no matter how wrongheaded it might be, I just have to admire it. "Imagine there no possessions." Well, I can imagine that, and it is not pretty, but I can understand what Lennon was trying to accomplish.

Steinbeck' stories are similar. A very socialistic message, but one that hits you very hard and that cannot be ignored.


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