Saturday, January 12, 2008

Joe Kennedy's Heating Oil Ads

Has anyone seen the ads on TV done by former US Representative Joe Kennedy on behalf of the nonprofit Citizen Energy's program to provide discount heating oil to the needy? Here is one. I wish I could link to the one I saw last night that was even more over the top in a blatantly shameless use of poor folks' misery to promote one's own cause.

I am less concerned about the free publicity that Kennedy is giving to our good friend Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela. It just makes me sick to see the situations of the unfortunate used for political purposes.

Joe, how about stopping the ads and kicking the saved dollars in for buying oil for some of the people you are using?


Anonymous said...

I agree. These ads must cost a fortune. I don't care who pays for them, they are unnecessary. If free oil is given away people will hear about it. The cost of these ads with Joe driving a fuel truck and filling homeowners tanks- that's believable, ha ha, would fill a lot of home oil tanks. This guy is promoting himself for a run for something, maybe Ted's seat.

muebles aranjuez said...

It cannot have effect in reality, that is what I think.

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