Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Home Run for Palin

I don't think that anyone can argue with the assessment that Sarah Palin delivered a dynamite speech tonite. Her poise, her message, her confidence, her humor, her family...everything was in place.

What I simply cannot believe is how many times in the half hour after she stopped I have heard comments about how Palin did not write the speech, that she just read it. But, according to one woman pundit, she should still get some credit because reading the teleprompter is hard.

I just cannot believe it. How many politicians write their own speeches? Did we hear anything about Obama's speech being written for him, or George Bush's even? Or Reagan's? Or have we ever heard about how someone did well because, after all, using the teleprompter is hard?

The hypocrisy in this world will kill me yet.

My prediction is that the wolves will be out to get Mrs. Palin. Watch out.

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