Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Sarah Palin is No Woman" ??!!!

That is the first line in an editorial in our local newspaper, the Valley News, written by our sometimes-resident liberal columnist Steve Nelson.

The article perfectly defines liberal, elitist smugness and proves the hypocrisy in all the liberal Democratic MSM whining about Republican divisiveness.

I cannot find a link to the entire article (maybe the Valley News should get a tech lesson from McCain), but after that provocative first line, Nelson goes on to argue why Palin does not fit the "social construct" of a woman:

"As well as a biological reality, womanhood, like race, is a social construct...Unlike Obama's understanding of race, Palin doesn't bring an understanding of the social construction of womanhood to her candidacy. She not only fails to recognize or remind us of the reality of historic or contemporary sexism, persistent inequity and gender-based assumptions and biases -- she smugly rejects them."

"Palin is partnering with John McCain, whose record includes: opposing equal pay for equal women; voting to eviscerate the Family and Medical Leave Act; opposing funding for a program to avoid unintended and teen pregnancies...And he has declared the intent to appoint judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade."

"Those positions are decidedly anti-woman."

Mr. Nelson's point is obvious. He, along with the rest of the smug liberal elite, have defined womanhood. If you believe in small government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and hold to the perfectly intellectually and morally defensible position of being strongly pro-life, fine...just don't think of yourself as a woman. Biological, yes, but in terms of "social construct," no.

This is not divisive, to pit a liberal definition of womanhood against all others? I thought of an apt analogy. Suppose the NRA were to decide that the only members would be those gentlemen who hunt quail with Italian-made over-and-unders that cost thousands, while wearing Orvis clothing and following a purebred retriever. How do we think the deer-hunters of the Upper Peninsula -- or the moose hunters of Alaska -- would respond? Might that create a bit of a wedge in the nation's hunters?

The NRA seems capable of building a tent large enough to accept the diversity inherent in the population of US hunters. Funny that the liberal elite cannot find it in their interests, moral or even basely political, to embrace the diversity inherent in the population of US women.

Among other benefits of the Palin nomination, seeing the paroxysms of fear, anger, and sheer incredulity ("how could any woman hold such a position????) from my dear liberal friends and the MSM are giving me tremendous joy. I have never seen anything cause all the liberal alarm bells to go off so simultaneously and so violently (read the NYT today if you need any more evidence).

It is going to be a fun several weeks. Watching the media destroy their own candidate through their revealing responses to Sarah Palin is unbeatable.


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Sarah Palin is no Christian.

Jesus Christ would not have an extramarital affair.

Jesus Christ would not run a criminal administration.

Jesus Christ would not lie.

Jesus Christ would not manipulate.

Jesus Christ would not intimidate.

Sarah Palin is of devil.

Sarah Palin represents what's worst about the United States of America!

Sarah Palin represents what's worst about humanity!