Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hilarious Motley Fool Column

This is a great spoof on the Paulson about-face, from the Motley Fool.

Just one quote pulled here, but read the whole thing because it is worth it:

"Paulson acknowledged that there had been criticism of the TARP's actual strategy, which quickly became one of injecting capital directly into banks, though without demanding control in the form of board representation, or cuts in dividends, or any of the other limitations used in successful bank bailout schemes in countries such as Finland and Sweden. But he said there was good reason for handing out money with no strings attached.

"America is not Finland, and it is not Sweden," Paulson explained. "I don't see any of you eating lutefisk or swatting your sweaty bodies with a birch switch."

The assembled journalists laughed, looked at one another, and admitted that America certainly isn't Finland or Sweden. "That is silly," said Barney Field of the New York Examiner/Picayune."

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