Monday, November 10, 2008

Where Does Obama Stand on Vouchers?

The Obama family is checking out private schools in Washington, DC for their children. Most of us who could afford to send our children to private schools would do the same. The Clintons did so. Probably the vast bulk of Congress' kids who live in the DC area go to private schools.

The problem is that many of those same politicians will not support voucher programs that would allow middle- and lower-income families to take advantage of the better private schools. If you want to empower people, what could be stronger than letting them decide where to send their kids to school (without having to pay twice that is, once in state and local taxes and once in tuition).

Where does Obama stand on this? At one point, he seemed to be more open than the typical Democrat. Later reports suggest that the Democratic NEA establishment has gotten to him. Too bad. This would be a great chance to show some real change.

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