Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple the Second Largest Company by Equity Value

Many stories have reported that Apple today overtook Microsoft in the market value of its equity.

What is more interesting is that Apple is the second-largest company in the US by market value of equity -- second to Exxon Mobil. See here.

Including debt to get total company, or enterprise value, would change the rankings as Apple has no debt and Microsoft has some. And of course other companies may have a lot more.

But it is still very impressive for a company that was almost dead a little over ten years ago.

I still remember the first Apple I LC 475. It had something like 4mb of ram -- I had to always play around, shutting off some of the built in system components, to get it to run certain programs. That was the first machine I bought for home use, and I have never bought anything other than an Apple since.

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