Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nuke the BP oil leak?

I think BP is in big trouble, as is the Gulf of Mexico. It is a real tragedy for sure -- the only surprising thing so far is the seemingly small amount of actual damage to wetlands, beaches etc. Perhaps I am not paying enough attention, but the internet is not exactly overwhelmed with pictures and evidence of oil everywhere.

But the stories starting to come out on how BP folks made ill-fated decisions that possibly led to the disaster are scary for the company. Larry Kudlow on CNBC has been railing against BP for days on end...he just referred to them as an enemy of the US. Now that is because of something the company is supposedly doing in Iran, but Kudlow mixes Iran and the Gulf in a pretty vitriolic diatribe against the company.

Then there are these stories about how Russia used tactical nukes to stop blowouts back in the USSR days...supposedly did it five times and it worked four out of the five. Hmmmm...what about that fifth time?

Here is the Russian newspaper story that I guess discusses the use of nukes in blowouts. If you cannot read Russian, try this. Where is Red Adair when we need him?

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