Monday, April 18, 2011

A Finnish Tea Party

Being half Finn, I have to chuckle at the success of the True Finns party. Timo Soini is the head of the True Finns, and he was the individual getting the most votes in last Sunday's election. The True Finns won 39 seats in the 200 member parliament, up from six prior to that. The Finnish cabinet had to resign due to the upheaval and it is not clear what a new government will look like.

The True Finns are opposed to Eurozone bailouts of member countries, and any bailout requires unanimity among member countries including Finland.

Mr. Soini had this to say:
“We won’t be dictating conditions for the rest of Europe but we will maintain the right for Finland to decide for itself on money matters,” he said. “Finnish cows must be milked in Finland and we shouldn’t send their milk for charity outside the borders of this country.”
Seems to me that the Tea Party movement has spread beyond the US!


Anonymous said...

Professor Hansen,
I wonder how much you’ve looked into the True Finns. It’s hard for Americans to understand what is really going on with these groups in Europe. If you knew more about the group you would be less likely to support them. Some quotes:
Anders Breivik quoted True Finn MP Jussi Halla-aho. Halla-aho responded by saying:
Many Finns had their orgasm interrupted when members of my group didn’t actually burn down a pizzeria in Tampere. For your information, I regret nothing I've written and refuse to take any kind of responsibility for Breivik's actions. Furthermore I intend to continue on my chosen path, because multiculturalism is like licking an ass, no matter what Breivik did.
Jussi Niinistö, the True Finn chairman of a parliamentary committee supports arming paramilitary groups in Finland to harass Gypsies. Another True Finn, Freddy van Wonterghem, said this about violence against Muslim women:
Let Saudis stone people in their country. When a Muslim woman dies there are fewer women to give birth to Muslims. If we kill enough Muslim women, Islam will be extinct.
Those are just a few of the comments. This doesn’t get press in the US. You might want to check out:

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The Finnish cabinet had to resign due to the upheaval and it is not clear what a new government will look like.

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