Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Of Nukes and Cucumbers

Germany has been impressing me lately with its lamentable public policy.

First, it announces the closure of several nuclear power plants and the future closure of all its nukes -- see here. This was on the basis of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, caused by an earthquake and tsunami.

How many people were killed by the Fukushima accident? None. How many earthquakes and tsunamis has Germany recorded in the last century?

Meanwhile, Germany has 16 deaths from an e. Coli outbreak, with the deaths being violent and quick. Some officials in Germany quickly blamed cucumbers from Spain -- see here-- which was most likely a mistake. Spanish agriculture is naturally devastated, which is the last thing that country needs.

I wonder if Germany will now phase out cucumbers and raw vegetables generally. Was, kein mehr Gurken??

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