Friday, June 10, 2011

It was the sprouts!

Or was it? Does this statement make any sense?

“It was the sprouts,” Mr. Burger said.

He said investigators had examined 112 people, 19 of whom had been infected with E. coli during a group visit to a single restaurant, and had examined recipes for the food they had eaten, spoken to the chefs and even examined photographs they had taken of one another with their choices of food on the table.

The aim was “to discover exactly how each meal was prepared, which ingredients went into it,” Mr. Burger said. Customers who ate sprouts were found to be almost nine times as likely to be infected as other diners. It was this trail that led health inspectors to the organic farm where the sprouts originated.

See the NY Times for full story.


Anonymous said...

OK, I will bite. Yes, it makes sense. Were you concerned by the statistics or the Times reporting?

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It sure makes a lot of sense.